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Using QR Codes

Using QR Codes During the Session

The QR Code will allow all physical event attendees to join the online event via their mobile devices easily. When scanned, the code will present users with a clickable link to the Hybridium event room,  an online meeting room where the attendee has access to a curated list of features.

Where Is the QR Code?

The QR Code will be displayed as a tile on the VideoWall. Where it is displayed on the VideoWall will depend on the layout mode in use at the time. This will enable all physical attendees to scan the code at any point of their choosing during the session. The QR Code will not be displayed anywhere else.

Why Is There A QR Code?

Providing physical attendees with the ability to easily access the online event via their mobile device will help to increase the number of engaged attendees. Joining the online event via their mobile device will give physical attendees access to a limited set of features, allowing them to view the User List and User Profiles of other attendees. Physical attendees will also be able to engage with the Chat, Reactions and Raise Hand features from their mobile device.

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