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How to Enable & Disable your Video

Enabling and Disabling your video

Before the Hybridium event, the best practice is to enable and test your video connection before joining the room. You can test your connection and ensure your permissions are enabled on a screen like the one below.

To enable your video, you will first need to make sure that you have allowed permission to share the video in your browser. When you try to enable your video, follow the prompt below to ensure the share permissions are active.

Once you have joined the room, we would like to encourage you to leave your video enabled so you can actively participate in the room. The Moderator has the ability to disable your video in case it is necessary.

To enable your video and be seen

When your video is not enabled, you will see the Enable video icon at the bottom of the screen, as shown here:

To enable yourself so that you can be seen, click on the button above.

If you have more than one camera connected to your computer, you will want to select the carrot (^) symbol next to the Enable video button, which will allow you to select the device you want to use. You should see something like the picture below:

Once you have selected your default camera (if you have not already tested it on the Join Screen), your video will be enabled.

To Disable your camera

Should you want to disable your camera during your session, please click the Disable video button to stop yourself from being seen in the room.

Once the icon has turned grey, you will no longer be seen in the room.

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