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How To Share Screen

Screen Sharing

The Screen Sharing tool allows the Host or an Attendee to share the desktop or any external application with the session participants.

Screen sharing is currently fully supported only through the use of the Google Chrome browser. The Moderator can control who has Share screen enabled or disabled.

Enable Screen sharing

Please click the Share Screen button at the bottom of the screen.

 Choose one of the Sharing Options offered:

  •   For Chrome, three options are shown (as seen below): Your entire screen, Application Window, and Chrome Tab

  • For Mozilla Firefox, the tab is not available

    Note that there is also the possibility of Screensharing with audio for some browsers (more info here)

  • Then, Click "Share" (as seen below)

            The screen is shared both in the room and in the participant's view

Does Screensharing work on any device?

Screensharing depends on the browser's capabilities and is not supported on most mobile devices.

Hence, it is not enabled on any mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

Disable Screen Sharing

To disable screen sharing, please use either this ribbon that appears at the bottom of the screen, and select Stop sharing:

Or use this button that is in the Hybridium screen:

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