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Best Practices ahead of a session (PRESENTER)

Recommended steps to follow as room preparation for a session (RotF or Delegate room):

  1. Check that all the hardware in the room is turned on:

    • Surface must be on, connected to power (no disruptions due to low batt) and the Internet

    • Camera/s and their respective nuc/s (if existing) must be on before launch

    • Video systems must be all turned on before launch: 

      1. For Room of the Future: all Videowall hw must be on (PC and screens), as well as any auxiliary PC and monitor in room

      2. For Delegate Rooms: nuc/s and monitor/s must be on

    • Sound systems (soundbar, mics, speakers, etc) must be on and unmuted

  2. Launch the room, using:

    • the org’s launch URL, bookmarked in the Surface

    • the respective room code, obtained from the Accounts Portal

  3. Check everything is working as desired:
    • Check users can be seen and heard

    • Check remote users can see and hear the room

    • Check the Remote Presenters can see, hear, be seen and heard

    • Check other special roles are working as expected, such as the Translator

    • Test any feature that may be used in the session: open a file, play a video, etc.

  4. Remember to properly close the room after every class:
    • Please do not just close Chrome browser on the Surface

    • If a previous room is open, close it before launching a new one

    • After closing a room, wait 10’’ before next launch, to allow the system a proper shut down

  5. During Split Rooms:

    • Do not leave the Splits main menu, but for entering each group (a new tab opens)

    • Do not close the main tab in the browser

  6. In a session with high attendance:

    • Share the Intro Slide while people join (basic functioning of the room)

    • Advice students not to leave their mics locked (to avoid introducing undesired noise)

    • Blocking all mics ahead of the session (unblocking people in turns to speak) will prevent it

  7. In a session with Remote Presenters:

    • Recommend them to use headsets

    • Mute the mics in room while they are speaking to avoid echo

  8. In a session with Translation:

    • Recommend them to use headsets

    • For short pauses (coughing, drinking), advice to mute from the headset instead of on the app

  9. When Participants (any role) experience video conferencing issues (cannot see, hear, speak):

    • Ask them to refresh browser to quickly recover the lost streams or adjust to new devices

    • If issue persists, advice to click the ፧ button (top right corner) and “Change/Test Devices”

POSSIBLE ISSUES and how to easily troubleshoot them

  • Presenter is not shown in the Video Wall (or aux Screen) / in the Delegate Monitor

    • Close room and relaunch

  • Presenter is shown as a black image in the Video Wall (or aux Screen) / in the Delegate monitor

    • Check camera & nuc are on; then relaunch room

  • Virtual Participants don’t hear the Presenter in room:

    • Check sound system (mics / soundbar) is not muted

    • Check Presenter is properly shown in VW/Delegate

  • Virtual Participants are not heard in the physical room:

    • Check sound system (speakers / soundbar) is not muted

    • Check server is not muted (volume button)

  • MashMe tab is accidentally closed during session:

    • Open Chrome in the Surface

    • Go to “Class Launcher” bookmark

    • Enter again the code for that virtual room

    • Continue with the session

    • Close room properly once the session is over

  • Room is not launched correctly (empty incognito Chrome Windows are open in the server)

    • Close those empty incognito Windows manually

    • Close room from the launcher

    • Wait 10’’ and relaunch

  • Room is not launched properly (incognito Chrome Window opens in the server and closes)

    • Check the current browser version is the last one mashme approved and installed

      • Note that it may have been updated manually from the room

    • Roll back to the latest tested version or contact support

  • If any issue persists, please contact support

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