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Best Practices ahead of a session (PARTICIPANT)

Recommended steps to follow as preparation for a session:

  1. If this is the first time you access the platform, you will have received an email from contact@syncrtc.com with your credentials (user email and password)

    • Note that for SSO access, your password will be your corporate one

  2. Before the session, check your connectivity and devices at https://test.mashme.io/

    • Follow the troubleshooting steps, if necessary

  3. Locate in your email the invite for the specific session and click the “Go To Room” button

    • Enter your credentials and enjoy the session!

  4. During an ongoing session:

    • You will be required to turn on your camera in order to activate the microphone

    • If you intend to speak for a long time, please use a headset

    • Please do not leave your mic locked (to avoid introducing undesired noise)

  5. If you are a Remote Presenter:

    • Please use a headset

    • Do not leave the mic open when you are not speaking

  6. If you are a Translator:

    • Please use a headset

    • For short pauses (coughing, drinking), mute from the headset instead of on the app

  7. If you experience video conferencing issues (cannot see, hear, or speak):

    • Refresh your browser to recover the lost streams or adjust to new devices quickly

    • If the issue persists, go to the ፧ button (top right corner) and “Change/Test Devices”

  8. If you find any issues, please contact support

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