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mashme.io has deployed a new authentication flow (release 4.7 - Q2 2022), to make access easier for participants:

  • the platform identifies the email address and checks if the user is a registered member, informing accordingly
  • only the assigned authentication method (regular password-based or corporate SSO) will be offered at login
  • the system facilites a brand new "magic link" (fast email-based authentication) for quicker login use

Login flow

  1. Go to app.mashme.io or to your organisation's customised login page (org-name.mashme.io)
  2. Enter user email and click on "Continue"
  3. The platform will check (one step after another):
    1. if the email format is ok → if not, a warning will be displayed ("not valid email")
    2. if that user is registered → if not, a message will be shown ("user not found, contact your admin")
    3. the language the user has selected → the following screens will be translated accordingly
    4. the authentication method assigned to that user → only that method will be offered (see next step)
  4. If the user is registered, there are three ways to login:
      • Password-based authentication
      • Single-Sign-On authentication
      • Magic Link
    • If the user is not registered, a message will be displayed, informing to contact their organisation
  5. Once your email address is identified, the authentication method offered will de different:
    1. for users with regular password-based authentication→ enter your password
      • clicking on "forgot password", an email is sent to your account with a link to reset password
        • the system suggests using a magic link (see below), in case you need to login quickly
    2. for users with corporate SSO authentication→ click on SSO and enter your organisation credentials
      • note that you cannot change your credentials from within mashme, as they are corporate
  6. In both cases, you can as well:
    1. Get a "magic link" via email for quicker access, useful if:
      • you cannot remember your password (for either regular or corporate login) and do not want or do not have time to reset it
      • your SSO is temporarily unavailable
    2. Contact support via the chat bubble on the bottom left corner 

The "magic link" will allow users to access the platform in a quick way via email confirmation, without needing a password, given that they are registered users and regardless of the authentication method assigned to them (password strategy or corporate Single Sign On).

Participants can request a magic link:

  • from the bottom of the authentication page (for either password strategy or SSO users)
  • from the reset password button ("Forgot password", only available for password-based)

The system will send them a temporary link, unique for that user and request; by clicking it, they are proving the ownership of the email address, hence are redirected to mashme without the need to log in.

The magic link expires within 30 minutes and can be used several times in that period.

How does the magic link work?

  1. A registered participant requests the magic link
  2. An email from contact@syncrtc.com is sent to their registered email address
  3. The participant goes to their email server, opens the email and clicks on the magic link
  4. They are redirected to the page from where they requested the link, no need to enter a password:
    • If the magic link was requested from the login main page (app.mashme.io) → they will be redirected to the hall of rooms, from where they can access any room on the list
    • If the magic link was requested from a room's URL (obtained from the invite, e.g.) → they will be redirected to  that room
  5. In case there is an error in the request (Magic link not valid or expired), the platform will show an explanatory message and offer to go back to login page or to request a new link:
    • "This link is not valid" → Please check the link address is correct or request a new link [Go back to login]
    • "This link has expired" → The magic link expires in 30 minutes [Request new link]

Password and Privacy policies

Password policy

Along with the new authentication flow, the policy for passwords has been updated as well.

The reset and change password screens will request a valid password according to the new requirements:

  • Password must be at least 8 characters long

  • Mandatory presence of at least one upper case, one lower case, one number

This will apply to new users, as well as to the reset (login page) and change (accounts portal) password features.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

When a user tries to authenticate for the first time, they must give consent with GDPR to be allowed in.

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