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Taking exams with mashme·io (Participant)


If you have been invited to an exam using mashme·io, this article contains useful tips that will help you prepare in advance.


If you have received an email from contact@syncrtc.com with your credentials (user & password), you have already been added to the platform by your administrator. Welcome aboard!

You can know access it from https://app.mashme.io

If you cannot find it, please check the spam folder or contact your organization.

Tips: enter/leave mashme, M206 error and user credentials


It is highly recommended that you check your connection and devices (computer, camera, speakers & microphone or headset) before the exam, with enough time so that you can troubleshoot any issue you might find.

It is important that you run the test on the same browser, connection and devices you will be using during the exam.

Run the mashme test

Go to: https://test.mashme.io/ and follow the instructions.

You can find all related information in our Test Portal help article.

If you encounter any issue, you can check our troubleshooting articles in our Help Portal Section: Test Portal (Device & Connectivity Test) or you can contact us via email or chat (Contact mashme.io support).


If this is the first time you are using mashme, we recommend you to change your default password.

You may also want to change the platform language if you do not feel confortable with English (default).

It is likely that, for the sake of anonymity, you have been asked to modify your profile settings (name and/or picture).

You can find all related articles in our Help Portal section: Account Settings

Note that the profile picture cannot be removed, it has to be replaced with another image file.

If you have already set a photo but it should be anonymous, you can change it for a blank .jpg image or a standard avatar icon:


You may have received an Invitation email for the exam, with the details for the session: time, date and link to the virtual room.

  1. Open the recommended browser (Chrome)
  2. Close any program, window or application you will not need for the exam
    • It is very important to close any that may be using your cam/mic, such as other videoconference tools
  3. Enter the platform and access the virtual room
  4. Once inside the room, connect you camera and remove any background or blurred effect (if necessary)
  5. Your mic may be blocked, so that you cannot interfere with other examinees nor interrupt the exam
  6. Any file you need for the exam will appear in the content window (centre part of the screen)
  7. Once the exam is over, please exit the virtual room

In case the exam needs to be 100% anonymous, remember: no names, initials, signatures or clues about who you are.

Comply with any instructions from the people invigilating the exam: non-compliance may lead to disqualification.


Hardware or Software issues

If you are experiencing HW or SW related issues, contact mashme support, either from the chat bubble (right bottom corner of the screen) or sending an email: Contact mashme.io support

If you have doubts about the exam itself, contact the Presenters using the chat tool in the left column of the virtual room: How do I use the chat?

If you cannot find it, you may have hidden it; click on the chat icon on the top center part of your screen to show it again.

Note that you may be asked not to write in the Room chat (visible to all room members) but in the Assistant or Presenters chat tabs. Messages in the main chat (Room chat) may be deleted for anonymity purposes.

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