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Mentimeter - Limitations

Limitations on the use of Mentimeter

Beware that the limitations explained are not due to Mashme integration, but to Mentimeter performance (as the embedded file in the Mashme room is actually a direct link to that Presentation file in the Mentimeter App).

This is, the behaviour will be exactly the same if Presenter uses the integration (opening the embedded resource in the Mashme room) or if Participants enter the Mentimeter Presentation URL (Voting or Results link) on a new tab.

Main limitations are:


  • It is necessary on some types of slides (for ex, to see other people’s questions on Q&A)


  • The Presentation / Live Results link (either URL open on a new tab or the link embedded within Mashme) does not show the votes added once it was open
    • It is necessary to refresh browser or to close & reopen Mashme resource, respectively
  • To automatically update the votes entered afterwards (from people using the Mentimeter Participating URL, for ex), it is necessary to screenshare the Presentation open right from the Mentimeter App


  • With the correct Presentation settings, it is not necessary for the Presenter to open the Mentimeter App on an additional tab for controlling the file; this makes it dynamic but asynchronous!
  • To have synchronism (for example, when moving through slides or playing videos inserted on them), set Presentation back to “Presenter Pace” (default) and:
    • For single-slide presentations, it makes no difference
      • If it contains a video, it will never play synchronised
      • For multiple-slide presentations, and depending on the file open:
        • Participation Link - Presenter needs to open the resource in room, unlock it and control the Presentation from the Mentimeter App open in another tab
          • As Presenter moves from one slide to the next, the audience will be able to vote/participate in each one of them in a synchronised manner
        • Presentation Link - for a synchronised experience (and regardless if Presenter or Audience Pace), Presenter needs to screenshare in mashme, go to Mentimeter App in a new tab, open the presentation and present it from there


  • Videos can be added in a Mentimeter presentation; when sharing the links with the participants (file embedded into mashme or using URL links):
    • Videos in Participation stage only play if set to “Audience Pace”; each participant can click on the “Play” button (padlock must be open, if using the mashme embedded file)
      • Videos in Participation stage if settings are “Presenter Pace” will not play, not even if Presenter is presenting and playing them in the App; need to screenshare or change settings
    • Videos in Presentation stage always play (regardless Mentimeter settings and if Mashme padlock is open); note that playback will be asynchronous
  • Videos never play synchronously for the Audience in Mentimeter (hence, neither in the Mashme embedded file)
    • For a synchronised video playback experience, use screenshare from Mashme


  • This settings only make a difference to the Voting Link, they do not affect the Presentation Link
  • If set to “Audience Pace”, it does not matter which slide the Presenter is presenting in the Mentimeter App (or even if they are presenting at all): each Participant will move at their own pace

Summary on the use of Mentimeter and its limitations

  • For Voting on single-slide presentations or to Present Results (on single or on multiple-slide presentations) within Mashme integration, it is not necessary AT ALL to have the Presenter’s Mentimeter account logged in
    • For Voting on multiple-slide presentations within Mashme, it will depend on the Settings chosen (Presenter or Audience Pace) for that Mentimeter Presentation
  • For synchronism on Presenting Results, for +1-slide presentations:
    • Do you want to allow Participants to check the results at their own pace / asynchronously?
      • Use Mashme Presentation link and unlock padlock; you do not even have to open Mentimeter App!
    • If you want to review the results in a synchronised way, all together at a time:
      • Use screenshare in Mashme and Present within Mentimeter
  • Remember to open the padlock in Mashme, both for allowing participation and for checking the results through the slides in the presentation, regardless if it is single or multiple slides and if settings are Presenter or Audience Pace
    • Note that this is the only limitation introduced by Mashme as a control step
    • If opening the voting/results link in a new tab (instead of within the mashme room), the padlock variable disappears

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