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Saved Splits

Custom splits can be created ahead of a session and be saved for its later use. Steps to follow:

  1. Open the Administrator view and check that all members have been correctly added to room (name, email, position) and have been given their corresponding role (Participant or Remote Presenter)
  2. Open the Presenter view and create the split:
    1. Go to   “Menu” (top left)   >   “Split into rooms”
    2. Choose “Custom” Split type
      • They are available anytime, even with no people connected to room
    3. Select the number of participants per group and the time the split will last
      • Splits can be stopped before scheduled end (after running for 5’) but cannot be extended
    4. Make the groups, picking out the participants on each one
      • All participants (connected and not) need to be assigned to a group
      • Only Participants are eligible for Splits; other room members such as Presenter, Remote Presenters, Assistant and Translators are not
  3. Once the Split Rooms List appears, with all the groups and participants within, click “save & close”
    1. Choose a name and click “Save”
    2. All saved splits will be stored in the “Saved Splits” panel
  4. Room can be now closed
  5. How to use the Saved Splitduring a session:
    1. Go to   “Menu” (top left)   >   “Split into rooms”
    2. Open “Saved Splits” on the top right corner
    3. Choose the desired Split from the list and click on the “View” icon
      • Note that any Saved Split can be deleted using the “Bin” icon
    4. Groups can be now edited or used as they are
    5. Click on “Update & Close” or “Split Now”

Important info

  1. Groups won't be accessible if room is modified after Split configuration is saved, this is:
    • If membership is changed (members are added to or removed from room)
    • If roles are changed (Participant ↔ Remote Presenter)
  2. In that case, a message will display when trying to view the Saved Split:
    • “Room has changed and this Saved Split is no longer valid. Confirm deletion or cancel”
    • Note that it won’t be possible to edit the Saved Split at this moment, only potions available are:
      • Delete the Saved Split - clicking on “Delete” button
      • Cancel - clicking on the “X” button on top right corner
  3. If room configuration (membership or roles) is changed back, the Saved Split can be launched

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