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Operating System permissions for devices


Configure settings

Devices (such as microphone and camera) and screen share/record option must be allowed on the computer, so that they can be accessed by mashme or any other software. Settings will be slightly different depending on the Operating System.

These are the steps to check the Privacy Settings in computers running Apple macOS or Microsoft Windows:

Further settings

  • Check the Devices Permissions in your browser:
  • If you're using a work/school device:
    • Your network administrator may have set camera/microphone settings for you.
    • In that case, you won't be able to change them as explained before.

Still experiencing issues

Some participants have reported experiencing issues on a combination of latest versions for macOS and Chrome browser: due to an incomplete, automatic browser update, Camera/ScreenShare cannot be enabled, although OS Privacy Settings and Browser Permissions are both displayed as active.

These are the actions to be taken:

  • Close and reopen Chrome browser, so that the automatic upgrade is forced and completed
  • If this does not solve the issue, please follow these steps:
    1. Go to macOS privacy settings (System Preferences   >   Security and Privacy   >   Privacy tab)
    2. Go to Camera/ScreenRecord and check if they are enabled
      1. If they are not, enable them (click the corresponding checkbox)
      2. If they are, disable and enable them again
    3. Save new configuration and restart browser to make changes effective

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