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Status Page

What is mashme.io Status Page?

Our Status Page displays the following information:

  • system and services uptime
  • maintenance records
  • patches and new releases communications
  • incidents notifications
  • others (available Windows Updates compatibility, etc.)

This page can be accessed at any time at https://status.mashme.io/

By subscribing to our Status Page, you will receive all those communications in the way you like best (email, slack, feeds).

How can I subscribe?

Anyone can subscribe for free to our Status Page, just by clicking on the "Subscribe" button on the top right corner of the Status Page and choosing one of the communication channels offered (email, Slack or Atom/RSS Feed).

How can I unsubscribe?

You can cancel the subscription at any time by clicking at the bottom of the notification emails (or equivalent for Slack and Feeds)

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