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Browser in launcher device experiences unexpected problems


The Presenter sitemap on the launching device (usually a Surface Pro/Studio) closes unexpectedly or is replaced by mashme launching page or Google Chrome home page, whilst a room is launched.

Presenter needs to reopen launching page (bookmarked in Chrome) and re-enter the launch code for the still open virtual room (presentation stays open where it was left before, participants have not been affected by this, unless it happened during polls or split rooms).


Browser in launcher device is not working as expected.

This is not a mashme issue, but may indirectly cause interference during a session (while presenting files, doing polls or splitting into groups).


Chrome browser has been corrupted or recently installed programs are interfering with it.


If Chrome is behaving unexpectedly, please do a clean install of the browser:

  1. uninstall Chrome browser
  2. check that all related data has been deleted
  3. reinstall latest version
  4. remember to bookmark the launcher page for your organization and our Help Portal home page.

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