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How do I change my background?

The user can set a virtual video background in their camera feed at any time during a live session.

The roles that have the ability to do this are: Participant, Remote Presenter, Assistant.

How to access the Video Background page

The Video Background page can be accessed from within any virtual room, following these steps:

  1. Log into mashme.io
  2. Enter any room from the list in your hall of rooms or using a direct URL.
  3. Click on the "more options" button (top right corner)
  4. Choose "Change video background" and the page will show
  5. Select one of the available backgrounds and click "Save"
    • Closing the page using the cross (top right corner), the selection will not be saved
  6. Once enabled, if or when the camera in the room is on, a message will be displayed, warning that virtual background will result in a slightly higher CPU consumption and recommending to disable this option in case it is impacting the videoconference experience; this notification can be closed by clicking on the cross symbol (ㄨ) on the right side of it 
  7. Note that these settings are only stored in that room throughout that session:
    • turning cam off/on or refreshing page will recover your preferences
    • but after exiting & re-entering that room or when accessing any other room, your video feed will have no background (default behaviour)

Additional Info

Virtual backgrounds are available in regular Room of the Future rooms and also in break-out rooms:

  • The participants can choose from up to thirteen options:
    • Eleven different backgrounds
    • One blurred background
    • A custom background designed for the organization (corporate theme of that room), similar to the one shown in the image above
  • The behaviour may vary depending on the device and browser:
    • When using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), virtual backgrounds will not be available
    • When using a Safari browser, the blurred background option will not be available (beta support)
  • Virtual backgrounds within mashme.io work under Figment technology
    • As Figment does no longer support Safari, virtual backgrounds will not be available in mashme.io for versions 15 and above
      • The "Change video background" option will be greyed out
      • If trying to select it, the message "Not available in this browser" will appear
    • Note that they will continue working on Safari 14 and below

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The Video Background page is available from version 4.4 onwards, released on September 16th 2021.

There is an additional way of adding a background, using a third party application:

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