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Embedded Applications


The release of Version 4.3 (August 9th 2021) includes Support for several external applications that allow you to bring yet more resources into the the mashme.io central repository, enhancing the seamless participant experience. The apps included in this release are:

  • Miro
  • Mentimeter
  • Vevox (Beta)

This way, content from different applications can all be delivered during a session - and as well be available for the future - from one place, i.e., mashme virtual room.

General Settings

  • To open an embedded file within mashme.io, it is necessary to create it in advance in the corresponding source app (Miro/Mentimeter/Vevox).
    • To create a file (board/presentation/poll) in an app, it is necessary to register with the app provider.
  • These applications do not require any software download or installation, as they are web based apps.
  • Note that the file permissions on mashme.io will depend on the ones set in the corresponding source application, so these may need to be changed.

Embedding process

  1. All apps available for embedding can be found under Present/Create
  2. Assign a name for the resource in mashme (not necessary that it matches the one in the source app)
  3. Paste the code of the file (obtained from the respective app, instructions provided on each article)
  4. Additional indications are available in the interface by clicking on the info button
  5. Click on CREATE and the file will be embedded and it will open within mashme.io
  6. Collaboration can be unlocked on the padlock button (permissions will then correspond to the ones set in the sharing options of that file in the app)
  7. Once the embedded app is closed, it will be stored in the room as any other file
    • Note the different symbols used in mashme.io to identify each type of file

Embedding behaviour

Embedding a file in a mashme room means adding a new resource to the room with a direct link to that file in the source application (Mentimeter, Miro, Vevox).

All the original file settings and permissions will be managed by the source application, not by mashme.io.

Once the resource is created in mashme, all the user roles with permissions over the room contents can make it visible or hidden for the rest of the participants, just like any other application or resource added to the room.

Hence, the behaviour in particular scenarios will be as follows:


  • Deleting files in the source application (Mentimeter, Miro, Vevox)
    If the link introduced is not valid anymore because it has been deleted in the source application, mashme will allow you to open it but the source application will show a notification explaining that the file does not exist.
  • Deleting files in mashme
    Any resource created by using these applications can be removed from the mashme room, and it will not affect the original file in the source application (Mentimeter, Miro, Vevox).

File permissions synchronization

Permissions between the source application and mashme are not automatically synchronized.

  • Modifying sharing options in the source app (Mentimeter, Miro, Vevox)
    Any change to the file permissions in the source application can affect the resource in a mashme room pointing to that file.
  • Changing visibility in mashme
    Changing the resource visibility in mashme will only affect to mashme room contents. Therefore, the file may have different visibility options in the source application and could even be accessible by knowing the URL.


The following chart resumes the behaviour for each scenario:

Embed file
A link to the file in the source application (Mentimeter, Miro, Vevox) is added to the mashme room
Open file
mashme will open an embedded view of the file in the source application
Download file
The file opens in a new tab
Delete file in mashme room
The resource will be removed from the room contents for all participants
No action is performed on the source app (file remains in the app)
Delete file in the source app
There is no action on the mashme room (resource will remain in room)
When opened, it will display a notification (file no longer accessible)
Change resource visibility
in mashme room
The resource in room will be visible or hidden for all participants
No action is performed on the source app (this only affects the resource in mashme)
Modify sharing options
in the source app
There is no action on the mashme room (resource will remain in room)
When opened, the new permissions may affect the participant's experience (e.g., link no longer accessible)

Further information

You can check more specific details in our related articles:

Note that embedded applications will not work properly in an incognito browser (not for presenters nor for participants), unless cookies have been enabled.

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