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What can Vevox be used for?

Vevox is a real-time audience engagement app for the workplace and classes, enhancing virtual meetings and online classes with live polling, surveys and a Q&A app.

See more at Why use Vevox? (Vevox Help Center)

How to use Vevox within mashme.io?

First Steps in Vevox

To open a Vevox poll within mashme.io, it is necessary that it has previously been created in Vevox, hence be a registered user in that platform (sign up to Vevox).

Vevox does not require any software download or installation, as it is a web based app.

How to embed a Vevox poll

To insert a poll in mashme.io, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Present/Create and choose Vevox
  2. Assign a name for your poll in mashme (not necessary that it matches the one in Vevox)
  3. Paste the code of your poll (obtained from Vevox, see instructions below)
  4. Click on CREATE
    • Note that all these indications are also available in the interface by clicking on the info button (bottom left corner of the screen)
  5. Enjoy the experience!
    • Participation interface:
    • Presentation interface:
  6. Note that collaboration can be unlocked on the padlock (top right) to allow people participate in the poll; permissions will then correspond to the ones set in the sharing options of that file in Vevox
  7. Once the Vevox embedded app is closed, it will be stored in the room as any other file
    • Note the symbol used in mashme.io to identify this type of files

How to obtain the code of your Vevox poll

  1. Open Vevox on a new tab
  2. Register/Login into Vevox
  3. Create a session or open an existing one
  4. Copy the link in two different ways:
    • On the main menu, click on the 3 dotson the right corner and choose Invite Participants / Copy
    • Or once inside the session, click on the session title and copy the participation link
  5. Note that the same link will display the participation or presentation interface, depending on the poll stage in Vevox app (open or closed, respectively)
  6. Go back to mashme.io tab and paste the code

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