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Test Portal


New Portal

Version 4.2 (released on July 8th 2021) included several improvements in the Test Portal (https://test.mashme.io/):

  • It has been redesigned to provide more accurate data
  • Inline information and additional links to specific related articles have been included, to help users troubleshoot
  • It will take the organization branding when applicable (i.e., when user is logged in)

How does it look?

There are 2 types of tests available, depending on the info provided by the user:

  • Basic Test - available to all users
  • Full Test - for logged in users only

Hence, main Test Page will look different depending on the user trying to access it

Not-logged user

The platform offers 2 options in the test welcome page:

  • "Start Basic Test" - the test begins after clicking

  • "Start Full Test" - requires login for the test to begin

Logged-in user

If users enter the portal from a supported browser in which they are already logged in (even though no mashme page is open), the Test Page will show the personalized welcome page:

  • org-branded portal (organization colours & logo)
  • "Hello User Name"

Clicking on "Start Full Test", the test begins

How to test my devices and connection

  1. Open a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  2. Navigate to https://test.mashme.io/
  3. Choose Basic Test or Full Test
    1. Basic Test - only available if unlogged
    2. Full Test - requires login
  4. Allow devices (if prompted) and follow the instructions
  5. If the Test reaches its end without finding any issue, it will display an "Everything works correctly!" message, along with a link to mashme main page (app.mashme.io)
  6. If the Test has registered an issue at some point, it will display a "We have found a problem" message, along with a link to the respective self-support article within our Knowledge Base (help.mashme.io)
    • Note that after each failure detected, the platform offers the choice between restart or continue test
  7. If you have additional questions or face persistent issues, please contact us via chat (turquoise bubble on the bottom right corner of the screen) or ticket (email to support@syncrtc.com)

Note that the branded Test Portal for each organization can be entered at: https://org-name.mashme.io/test (it will redirect to https://test.mashme.io/?organization=org-name),no need to be logged; it will check the corresponding domains for that org (although it won't provide support with user info if not logged in)

Elements verified on the test

The new test.mashme.io verifies the following elements and, in case of an error detected, provides the user with the corresponding Help Portal article link:

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