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Facial Analytics


The Facial Analytics is a Pilot Feature which provides anonymous data about participants during a session.

  • A pilot feature is a new feature available to a limited set of customers, who will be closely monitored.
  • The purpose of a pilot feature is to gather feedback and data on product functionality, scalability, performance and usability, which influences the direction, development or even the rollout of the feature.

Facial Analytics is enabled at session level. 

Use case

The feature integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology into the classroom, so that Presenters can derive insights from the participants on their sessions.

This analysis will help them to adjust the contents, delivery or scheduled interactions with the participants or even analyze the reaction of each one during the sessions.

This feature will capture participant’s facial expressions during the session to extract emotions and objects that could allow a later analysis.

The results will be available in the analytics portal, with a link to download a CSV file with all data extracted.


The Facial Analysis needs to be activated per organization, after request from the Admin to Support.

Once the feature is activated, the option to enable Facial Analysis will appear when creating new sessions.

Facial Analysis is a session-related temporary role, which can be activated independently for different sessions within a room.

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