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Translator Role

The Translator Role gives the participant speaking abilities, so they can simultaneously translate a live session.

They are declared at session level: they don't need to be a regular Student added in room, they will not occupy a seat.

There can be more than one Translator per session.

Use case

It is the best option for cases in which the participants speak two different languages, to provide simultaneous translation in both at live sessions.


The role needs to be activated per organization, after request from the Admin to Support.

Once the role is activated, the option to add a Translator/s will appear when creating new sessions.

The Translator is a session-related temporary role, which can be the same or different in sessions within a same room.


When the Administrator creates a session with Translator/s, these users will receive a specific email with the access link and session details.

Recording File

For multilingual sessions (sessions with Translator enabled), the recording feature (scheduled or manual) will activate 2 separate files, one for each language: original and translated.

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