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Remote Presenter Role

The Remote Presenter Role gives the participant presenting and moderating abilities.

They are declared at room level: they need to be a regular Student added in room, they will occupy a seat.

There can be as many Remote Presenters per room as Participants. 

Use case

It is the best option for cases in which the main speaker won’t be in the room, for several presenters (both physical in room and remote) and for fully virtual mode.

Activation and Layout

The role needs to be activated per organization, after request from the Admin to Support.

  • “XL Seat” is a specific layout (available for some organizations per request), which gives the possibility to assign the main Remote Presenter to an outstanding seat/position in wall.
  • Activation of the role and availability of the layout are independent: an organization can get the role enabled without having that specific layout or they can have the role disabled while existing the layout.

Once the role is activated, the option to add/remove Remote Presenters will appear when creating or editing rooms.

The Remote Presenter is a room-related role, which can be modified for different sessions within a same room.


When the Administrator creates a session in a room with Remote Presenter/s, these users will receive a specific email with the access link and session details.

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