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File Permissions and Google Credentials

File Permissions


  • Permissions in the original file are important to understand how that imported file will behave
  • Every time that the imported file is opened, the system will:
    • Change the permission to “Editable by anyone with the link”
    • Overwrite the file name with the name in Google Drive
  • Please, remember that this will allow anyone to reach those files given the URL and that the permission is changed in the Google Drive document.Any owner must change the permissions to other configuration if privacy is an issue.


  • From the moment the file is copied into the room, no Google credentials or permissions in Google Drive are longer required and the mashme settings regarding file ownership, visibility, download and visualization will apply (the file will be managed by mashme).

Usage of Google Credentials

  • Mandatory:   To import or copy files from a Google Drive account
  • Optional:   To view, download and collaborate with your identity on imported files.
  • Not needed:   To view, download or collaborate anonymously on imported files.

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