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Real-Time Synchronization

mashme.io is a real-time synchronized platform since the time difference between the execution of an action and the display of the action by the rest of the participants in the room is less than 3 milliseconds.


mashme.io is a meeting and communication platform between computers that stores the collaboration result and shared files.

High Quality

mashme.io is developed to offer the highest quality even in conditions of low connectivity.


mashme.io allows each room to have an unlimited number of participants, with 12 being the maximum limit of users simultaneously broadcasting videoconference and 100 the maximum number of simultaneous viewers.


mashme.io is a collaborative platform in which all users can interact with the files, tools and different configurations of the platform simultaneously and synchronously.

WebRTC technology

mashme.io uses WebRTC technology for real-time communication through the browser. WebRTC is an innovative technology that replaces Flash as the communication standard. You can get more information about WebRTC and its advantages on the official website.

Platform in the Cloud

mashme.io does not require installation or configuration since it is a platform located in the cloud that is accessed through a web browser.


mashme.io provides point-to-point encryption, encrypting messages and content on the device of the sender using a proprietary key and being decrypted only on the device of the receiving user. The files stored on the server are encrypted to ensure the security and privacy of our users.

SaaS and OnPremise solutions

In addition to the SaaS solution in the cloud, Mashme.io has an OnPremise mode that can be privately installed on the servers of the customer organization. If you need more information about our OnPremise service, please contact us at support@syncrtc.com. 

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