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When are Email Notifications sent to participants?

Automatic email notifications

All Email notifications are sent to Participants from contact@syncrtc.com

The notifications are automatically sent by the platform under the following scenarios:

  • Creating/editing a room   →   only notifies if user (email) is not an actual member of mashme:
    • subject field of the credentials email:   “Room of the Future access details”
    • an email is sent to each new user of the room
  • Creating a session   →   only notifies if “notify all participants by email” is selected:
    • subject field of the invite email:   “Invitation to a mashme.io Room of the Future session name,date
    • an email (customized per role) is sent to all participants in the room:
      • Administrator, Students, Presenter, Remote Presenters, Assistant & Translator/s
    • possibility to either notify all members or none (cannot choose to notify specific users) (coming soon)
    • it is a standard invitation (cannot personalize the invite for each session) (coming soon)
  • Sending a Reminder   →   identical email to invitation one
    • all participants are notified
  • Adding participants to a room after session is created   →   it will not resend them the invite!
    • a reminder to all participants can be sent
  • Deleting a session:
    • past session   →   does not notify
    • ongoing session   →   cannot be deleted
    • future session   →   prompts the option to notify all or not to notify:
      • subject field of the email:   "A Session has been cancelled"
  • Deleting a room   →   does not notify its participants
    • If it has future sessions created within, it does not notify either
    • If members try to enter it afterwards, an M206 error message will be shown
  • Resetting password   →   only notifies the user
    • subject field of the email:   "Password reset at time"

Analytics reports

Additional information

  • All notifications can be personalized per organization (and/or translated)
  • Rooms can be edited, even during ongoing sessions
  • Sessions cannot be edited → admin needs to delete and recreate them (choosing whether to notify or not)

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