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Splits - M300 error message in Presenter

The Presenter (Session Manager) receives an M300 error message in the Split Rooms launching interface, whilst the Participants are actively in Split Rooms.

Problem Clarification
The Presenter enters a split room clicking on the "Go to room" button; they return to the main room from that split room tab.

The launching tab receives an M300 error

The M300 error appears when the presenter proceeds as follows:

  1. They launch a room
  2. They go to Split rooms, create them and launch them
  3. They enter a split room clicking on the corresponding "Go to Room" button
    • It opens automatically in a new tab
  4. When inside that Split Room, choose the Main Room from the list that appears on a column on the left side
    • Or go to the hall of rooms and enter the main room from that list
  5. The student view of the main room will be loaded in that same tab, with the Session Manager credentials
  6. This causes the main room_admin tab (the one from which the splits were launched) to receive an M300 error
    • This happens because the same credentials (Session Manager) is logged in twice to the same room: main tab (launcher for the splits) and group tab (which navigated to the student sitemap)
  7. This will not interrupt the split nevertheless, nor will it prevent the students from coming back to the main room when the scheduled time is over


To recover from the M300:

  • Once the M300 is received in the main tab, clicking the back arrow on the browser will take the presenter back to the Split Rooms main menu on the room_admin interface, resuming the groups list and the timer
  • This will cause that the 2nd tab (the one with the student view, which previously was the group tab) to get the M300 error; this tab should be closed

To avoid the M300 error, the correct way to proceed during Split Rooms is:

  1. From the launching device (Surface), create the split groups and launch them
  2. The presenter will see the list of rooms, with a "Go to Room #" option beside each one
  3. They can access any split room, by clicking on that button: the group room will open in a new tab
    • Note that in order to exit that split room, they only need to close that group tab
    • They can visit as many split rooms as desired, but we recommend to enter just one room at a time to avoid interfering in one another
    • They should remember to close each new open tab once they have finished visiting that group
  4. Once the Split time is over (either because time is over or because the presenter stopped them before scheduled), the presenter interface will return automatically to the Split Rooms main menu
    • Any extra group tab that has been left open should be closed

We strongly recommend that the main tab (the interface where the splits have been launched) is not touched unnecessarily, as it may have a direct impact on the split rooms.

To exit a split room, just close the extra tab that opened for that group room.

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