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How do I share my screen? (Student and Remote Presenter)

Who can screen share?

  • Presenter and Remote Presenter/s have the ability to screenshare at any time.
  • Participants with the student role can screen share once they have been given permission (by Presenter, Remote Presenter/s or Assistant).
    • This permission can as well be removed.

How do I share my screen?

1. To share your screen, the assistant or presenter/s need to give you first Screensharing permissions (not necessary if you already are a Remote Presenter)

2. Once it has been done, the Screensharing icon will turn from shadowed to active

3. Click the Screenshare button

4. Choose one of the sharing options offered, different depending on the browser used:

  •   For Chrome, 3 options are shown:  entire screen / application window / browser tab

  • For Mozilla Firefox, tab is not available

  • For Safari, browser only allows you to share the entire screen (tab or application are not available)

Note that there is also the possibility of Screensharing with audio for some browsers (more info here)

5. Click "Share"

    The screen is shared both in the room and in the participant view

6. To stop screen sharing, click on one of these buttons:

     · the Screen Share icon at the top of the screen

     · the arrow on the top right corner of the content window

     · the "Stop sharing" pop up message on the bottom of the page

Note: the pop-up message that appears on the bottom of the screen while screen sharing can be hidden from view by clicking on "Hide"

Does Screensharing work in any device?

Screensharing depends on the browser's capabilities, and it is not supported in most mobile devices.

Hence, it is not enabled in any mobile device (tablet or smartphone) but the launcher device in room (Surface Pro or Studio)

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