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Google Drive Integration

It is possible to upload content in a room from Google Drive (see related article: How to load files into a room)

Depending on the type of file, the behaviour will be different:


  • Native Google files are imported (to allow real-time collaboration), keeping synchronization with the original file in Google Drive.
  • Mashme will keep a link to the file, not a copy.
  • Imported files do not have an attached thumbnail in the mashme room.


  • Other types of files are copied (and stored in the room), working as local files not synchronized with Google Drive.
  • The copy will be stored in the mashme cloud infrastructure, as any other file uploaded to the room.
  • Supported formats will be converted to take full advantage of mashme capabilities when presenting them (docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf).

NOTE: Google Photos and Google Videos will be copied instead of imported.

The following chart explains the dual behaviour of the integration with Google Drive:

Imported files
Copied files
Type of File
Native Google Files
Any other type of file
Integrating behaviour
A link to the file is created in the room
The file is copied directly to the room
File size limit
No limit
200MB (to be increased)
Open file
The link opens the corresponding Drive File
The file opens in Room
Download file
Some types can be downloaded in PDF/PNG format
The file is downloaded to their device
Delete the file in the room
The file will remain in Drive, but it won't be accessible from the room
The file will remain in Drive, unmodified
Delete the file in Drive
The file will remain in the room, but it won't open (no longer accessible)
The file will remain in the room, unmodified


  • All file types are supported, both Google native file types (Google docs, slides, ...) and any other file types that can be stored in Google Drive.
    • Folders are not supported.
  • Limit on multiple-files upload: up to 15 files can be imported or copied at once from Google Drive.
    • While uploading different types of files at the same time, each one will behave as stated before.
    • Google Drive service may apply additional rate limits when importing files, which can result in temporary denies.
  • Remember that only user-owned files can be uploaded.
  • The following explanatory  image prompts when trying to upload from Drive:

NOTE that from v3.9.56 onwards (release date: 09/March/2021), Google Drive integration supports all file types, and not only Google applications

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