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SSO - Error received when trying to login using Single Sign On


A participant receives an error when trying to log into mashme.io using the organization´s SSO.

If the organization has Single Sign-On enabled, the participant should be using the "Login to your account Via Single Sign-On" (upper area)

This redirects you to your authentication service provider (Microsoft, Google, etc....), if a previous account has been logged on in your browser, it will not ask you to enter any credentials but will display an error.

For example, using Google Authentication the following error is displayed:


Problem Clarification

The user is presented with an error from the authentication provider when trying to access mashme using Single Sign-On.


The user is already logged in using an account that is not part of the organization.

For example, a personal Google account is signed in the browser used to access the mashme.io login page.


Sign out of all your Google and/or  Outlook accounts in Chrome, then try to enter mashme.io using the URL and the credentials provided by your organization.

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