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Tips: enter/leave mashme, credentials, Magic Link, M206 error


How to enter a room in the mashme platform

You can enter a room in 3 different ways:

  1. Use the link to the room (included in the invite email)
    • Enter your credentials 
    • You will be redirected to the virtual room
  2. Go to the portal for your organization (https://organizationname.mashme.io)
    • Enter your credentials
    • The list of your rooms appears on the left; choose one or use the search field
  3. Go to mashme login portal (https://app.mashme.io)
    • Enter your credentials
    • The list of your rooms appears on the left; choose one or use the search field

Credentials (user/pass vs SSO)

The login details will depend on the authentication method assigned by the platform to each user: user/pass or SSO.

Once the email is introduced and recognized as registered in the platform, only the login method assigned will be offered, hence making access easier for the participants (check full details at Login to mashme.io).

· User/password authentication

Your mashme default credentials (first time you enter) would be:

  • User: username@organization.org
  • Password: 10 random alphanumeric characters (autogenerated by the system)
    • We strongly recommend to change the default password
    • The new Password Policy will apply (introduced in v 4.7 - Q2 2022):
      • Password must be at least 8 characters long
      • Mandatory presence of at least one upper case, one lower case, one number

Beware that these credentials are for the mashme platform only, not for the Help Portal area.

· Single Sign On authentication

For organizations with Single Sign On enabled:

  • Choosing access "Via Single Sign On", page redirects to your org's regular authentication page
  • You’ll need to enter the credentials you use for your organization account access
    • You cannot modify your SSO credentials from within mashme

Note that, in an org with SSO enabled, login will be user/pass or SSO depending on each participant's email

  • The platform will offer the corresponding method assigned to their email domain

I have forgotten my credentials

Do not panic, there are ways to access the platform, even if you cannot remember your credentials:

  • Use the Magic Link access: an email with a temporary link is sent to log into the platform without a password
  • Reset your password: an email with a temporary reset link is sent, with which a new password can be set (no need to know the current one! This will be your new passw for future access)

Note that if your org or email provider have blocked our email contact address, you will not receive any incoming email with the links (not Magic nor Reset).

  • Please contact us, we can reset your passw for you
  • This will not be possible if you have SSO assigned; please contact your org's corporate IT service

Further tips:

  • You can change your password, once you are inside the platform (you will need the actual one)
  • If you do not remember the email you should use, please contact us

How to change credentials on the mashme platform (M206 error)

If an M206 error message is displayed when accessing a session, it means that the user logged is not a member of that room (device used by another person, etc.). Please change the credentials:

  • Go to https://app.mashme.io and log out (last option in main menu in top left corner)
  • Enter the platform (direct link to room or enter login page) and log in with the right credentials

How to exit a room and go to the hall (rooms list)

When inside a room, there are 2 ways of loading the hall of rooms:

How to exit the mashme platform

You can exit the platform in different ways:

  • From the Hall of Rooms:
    • Click on your name (top left)
    • Choose Logout
  • From inside a room:
    • Click the Exit arrow (top right)
    • Or click on your name (top left) and choose Logout

How to contact support

For further details, please Contact mashme.io Support Team (or Contact mashme.io Support from a mobile device)

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