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Participant has a delay or loss in their audio


The participant has successfully completed the test at https://test.mashme.io but when connecting to a room, the audio stream are not played fluidly, they may have missing words, or delays.

Problem Clarification

Audio streams are broken, not offering continuous uninterrupted quality.


The participant may have a large number of applications open (including videoconferencing applications such as Zoom, MS Teams, Skype etc.)  on the computer, which are taking resources necessary for the Audio and Video streams to be processed correctly.  Some audio packets may be lost, or be heard with a delay, whilst your computer catches up.


Close all unnecessary applications including any videoconferencing application (Zoom, MS Teams....).
You may also want to try rebooting your PC, to ensure everything gets closed.


  • If you are using a wireless connection, try using a wired connection to your router.
  • If you cannot use a wired connection, try to get closer to your wireless access point or use a different wireless network if available, to reduce interference from other sources.

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