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HowTo translate mashme to your preferred language

mashme platform can be easily translated to any language using Google Translate, available on Chrome browser.

This change includes all the interface labels (Platform Menus, Room Names, Tags, Video Streams) as well as the messages in the chat box.

All the articles in our Help Portal can also be translated this way.

How to use Google Translate?

  1. Google Translate menu shows when accessing a domain from a language different to the one selected in Chrome settings; it displays as a language icon on the right side of the browser bar
  2. If the prompt does not open, right-click anywhere on the page and select “Translate to..”
  3. English (original language of mashme domain) will be automatically translated to your favorite language (set in Chrome preferences).
  4. Translating to a different language is also possible choosing it from the list:
    • language icon > menu (፧) > “Choose another language” > drop down list > “Translate”
  5. You can anytime change to another language or revert back to original (choosing “Detected language”) by clicking on the Translate icon on the address bar

Use case

Using this feature, people with different languages selected will be able to read the same classroom chat automatically translated into their own languages.

Note that this feature will translate to the selected language all the messages that are written in any other, be it just one or several different languages.

Useful tips

  • How do I set my default language in Chrome?
  • I cannot translate the page (I don’t see the prompt message nor the Google Translate icon on the address bar)
    • This happens because English is one of your preferred languages in Chrome settings
    • You can right click and choose “Translate to… ”
    • You can permanently solve this issue in two ways (language settings in Chrome):
      • Remove English language from Chrome preferences
      • Or choose “Offer to translate pages in this language” in the English option
      • Then refresh the browser and the prompt/icon will appear
  • Remember you can also choose the language of the platform managing your account details (see related article: How do I change the language?)
    • Note that this will only translate the menus and tags, but it will not translate the messages in the chat nor the articles in the Help Portal.

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