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HowTo disable Windows Hello notifications

It is very important to have any window update under control, as they can unexpectedly modify the configuration of the room, causing faulty launches of the room, hence preventing it from performing and/or closing properly.

▪  What to disable in the latest Windows OS

  • Automatic Windows Updatesshould be disabled in a room’s PCs (not necessary in tracking):
    1. edit Group Policy (“gpedit.msc”)
    2. "Computer Configuration" > "Administrative Templates" > "Windows Components" > "Windows Update" > "Configure Automatic Updates"
    3. Select: "Disabled" → "Apply" → "OK"
    4. For further guidance, see HowTo disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10
  • Windows Welcome Experience suggestions(“Get even more out of Windows”: Hello, Office365, OneDrive, ...) should also be disabled (recommended):
    1. Start Menu > Settings > System > Notifications & Actions > Notifications
    2. Uncheck:
      • “Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device”.
      • “Show me the Windows welcome experience”
      • “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions”
    3. Depending on the Windows version, messages can be slightly different:
    4. For further info, see Windows 10 is nagging users with full-screen setup prompts

What are the risks of not disabling?

  • Automatic Windows Updates
    • After a non-scheduled update, the Surround in videowall will be probably disabled.
    • More unexpected and undesired changes in image and sound configuration in the nuc.
  • Windows Welcome Experience
    • When a room is launched, the following message can appear in any of the nucs:
    • Depending on the nuc that has been updated, the relevance of this message varies:
      • In Surface or CurrentSpeaker → the message is shown in room and can be closed
      • In Server or Aux → it may prevent the room from launching properly
        • If rooms launches correctly, the message can be closed within the room
      • In ClassroomStreaming nuc → the corresponding box in student sitemap doesn’t show and the problem is not detected within the room
        • It is necessary to enter the nuc, close the message and refresh sitemap or even relaunch room
        • This may also cause an incomplete launch, and therefore room will not close properly either, being necessary to  do it manually (and even cleaning selenium)
        • This can be avoided by disabling Automatic Windows Updates and  blocking Windows Welcome Experience suggestions in the nuc.

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