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Browser Troubleshooting Guide

Participants and Remote Presenters might encounter issues when connecting to a mashme session.

This article compiles the different actions to complete to understand and qualify the browser issues correctly.


  • The videos (Current Speaker, Classroom Streaming, Your Camera) are not showing, or they flash briefly and disappear from their student interface.
  • The traffic light connectivity icon in mashme shows “low connectivity” (red).

  • The https://test.mashme.io/ does not complete or gives an error.
    • If the test does not complete, the subsequent report is not generated and the database cannot be checked.
  • The presentation can be seen and the chat works right.

How to troubleshoot with the participant that the issue is due to browser incompatibility:

  • Check the browser version (it is also shown in freshchat)
  • Advice to try in an incognito window:
  • Advice to try in a different browser (Chrome, Firefox)
  • If it fails in all browsers (incl. incognito):
    • Check with the participant if they are using a VPN, and advice to turn the VPN off (if possible)
      • VPN may block some MashMe features
    • Check with the participant if they have a Firewall, and  advice to  deactivate it:
      • Mac:
        • System Preferences   >   Security and Privacy   >   Firewall tab
        • Turn on/off ; it may need to unlock preferences first (enter Password)  
      • Windows:
        • Control Panel   >   System & Security   >   Windows Defender Firewall
        • Turn WDF on or off ; choose Private/Public network settings
  • If it is failing in only that one browser, despite turning VPN & Firewall off, and that browser version is the latest and is quite recent (released that same week), we should double check from our end that specific browser version; it is not working either in our computers, we should communicate it to the team, as mashme may be having an incompatibility issue with that latest version.

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