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How to pre-load content into Breakout rooms and use those rooms in a future session

As the way the Breakout rooms are currently designed in mashme, they are replicating the way a real life / in-person split into groups can happen in a class room / education environment.

For this reason, even if the Presenter can actually pre-define groups - by saving a Custom Split configuration - the split room URL will actually be created at the moment the split is started. Hence, even if a saved split configuration is saved and used multiple times, the URL of the split once started will always change being automatically generated by the platform each time a new split is started.

For the above mentioned reasons, there is no way to pre-load content into already used split/breakout rooms and re-use these rooms automatically from the Split Room menu.

We are considering adding changes and more capabilities for the split / breakout rooms in the future that might also include the possibility of pre-loaded content and automatic usage of this rooms. Until then nevertheless the following workaround can be used to pre-load content into Custom Split Rooms and manually send the Participants to the rooms where the content was loaded.

Very important:  If you chose to use this option, the Participants of your class will need to manually load the break out rooms on their end and, after the time agreed, switch back and get into the main room loading the main room's URL

The steps are:

1. Create a Custom Split Room, configure the groups as needed and and click the "Split Now" button to send all the Participants to their respective split rooms.

2. Once the split is started, from the Room Administrator menu click to the corresponding "Go To Room" button of each split and get a note of the assigned URL of each group.

3. Other than collecting the URL of each group, upload / create the necessary content in each room (either by uploading files using the Upload button component or create component using the Create button component.

4. Once the time comes for the real session to take place, instead of using the Split Into Rooms automation from the Room Administrator menu, ask the Participants to close the main room and join their respective group by providing them with the URL you collected previously. Don't forget to tell them how long they should stay in the group room and when they should load their main room URL again as this way they will not be sent to the groups automatically nor sent back from the groups to the main room automatically.

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