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What is the best way to share a YouTube video?

It is possible to share YouTube videos in a room, by using the  Advanced Search tool 

How do I add a YouTube video to the room?

1. Enter the room as Admin or Remote Presenter.

2. Make a search in the corresponding bar (upper right corner). You can enter the name or the link of the video.

3. Once the search has provided results, there are two possible ways to add the video to the room:

a. Select the file and click on "Show Selection

b. Move the mouse over the file and click "Open".

The file will be directly added to that room content.

Participants should be able to access YouTube in order to visualize the video when it is played in the room.

If they do not have access, they will see a grey square.

A YouTube video should never be played using Screen Sharing, as the audio will not be present for the participants.

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