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Sessions with Optional Features

Mashme offers Optional features that are enabled per customer, depending upon their requirements and licensing conditions.

Some of these features, including:  Translator, Assistant, and Remote Presenter Roles, they are configured per session, as the people providing these services may change per session, whilst the participants would largely remain the same.

When creating the session, if these options are enabled, you will be presented with the additional features


To set up the translation option tick the Multi-Language checkbox. Select the main language from the drop down menu and the secondary language. Complete the Translator details, and language. One or more Translators can be added to the same session.


To set up the Assistant option complete the name and email address fields.

Once complete, please click the Create Button at the bottom.


An email link will be sent to each of these user types when the session is created.

Important: Please note that these roles are for the upcoming session only, so they will be able to login as this user at anytime up to and including the session time, but once the session has ended, these users will not longer log into the room with these specific roles.

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