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Edit the Participants of a Scheduled Session

To edit the participants in a session, you will need to locate the room in the Session Manager section of the Accounts Portal and edit the room members.

In the event that Participants need to be modified when a session is in progress, open another browser tab and access the Accounts Portal. To apply the changes to the videowall the room must be closed by session end button (not by X) and launched again.

The following steps are to be followed to edit the participants in a room:

1. Login to the Accounts Portal at https://accounts.mashme.io using your Session Manager user credentials

2. Navigate to the Session Management to load the list with the available rooms

3. Click on the desired room from the list and, once the room is selected, click on the Edit Room button corresponding to the selected room

4. Once the room configuration is loaded, the Session Managers will have the possibility of editing the Participants of the room.  You will have the options to Add New Users (subject to space in the room), Delete a User, or Click on and Rename a user (Room of the Future layouts).

5. To save the edited users of the room, the Session Managers will need to scroll down to the bottom of the room configuration page and click the SAVE button

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