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Types of Splits

There are 3 types of Split Rooms:

  • Random        →     · only available if connected participants are enough to have at least 1 group

· it will only send users who are connected to the platform at that time

· if a user connects later, they will not be sent

  • Custom         →     · always available

· all participants need to be assigned to a group (even not-connected ones)

· useful for saving Split groups ahead of a session (related article: Saved Splits)

· beware groups won't be accessible if room's participants are modified afterwards 

  • Poll based    →     · only available when there is a poll active (at “show results” stage)

· Different answers mixed  →  the groups are automatically created, based on the total number of participants the in room and their respective answers

  • It is intended to have groups of participants with different opinions, so that a real discussion can be carried out in each one
  • The number of Split Rooms will usually equal to the number of participants in the least chosen option
  • When there are few options in the poll and many participants in the room, there will be many groups with few participants in each.
  • In this case, you can choose more participants per group
  • Example1: 3 options in the poll , 16 participants (4 chose A, 7 B, 5 C)
  • Group 1 → 3 participants:    1 from A   +   1 from B   +   1 from C
  • Group 2 → 4 participants:    1 from A   +   2 from B   +   1 from C
  • Group 3 → 4 participants:    1 from A   +   2 from B   +   1 from C
  • Group 4 → 5 participants:    1 from A   +   2 from B   +   2 from C
  • Other combinations and back end logic may be initiated depending upon the combinations of questions, answers and votes cast, but with the aim of putting as many people with different answers together to discuss.

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