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Creating a Split

  1. Go to   “Menu” (top left)   >   “Split into rooms”

  2. Select type of split; there are 3 types:

    • Random        →    only available when there are participants in the room

    • Custom         →    available anytime. Can be used to save the groups before a session

    • Poll based     →    only available when there is a poll active (at “show results” stage)

  3. Select the number of participants per group. A notification displays depending on the input:

    • “The minimum number of participants is 2. Please re-enter” (if <2 pax per room)

    • “Remember. More than 6 participants in a split room, may result in a lower quality participant experience” (>6 pax)

    • “Sorry, it is not possible to create a split room with more than 15 participants” (>15 pax)

  4. Select the time the split will last

  5. Only for Custom split - Make the groups, picking out the participants in each one

    • A list with all the participants will appear, so they can be distributed into the groups

    • Connected and not-connected participants will show in a different colour circle

    • In session with translation, a label with the language will appear beside each participant

    • Every participant needs to be assigned a group (even not-connected ones)

    • Note only Participants are elegible for Splits; other room members such as Presenter, Remote Presenters, Assistant and Translators are not

  6. The Split Rooms List appears, with all the groups and participants within; there are 2 options:

    • “save & close” (to use that configuration later)

      • All saved splits will be stored in the “Saved Splits” panel

    • “split now” (to use it now)

  7. After splitting, the message “Dividing into groups” appears in the tablet for a few seconds

    • This action sends the participants present in the room to their Splits

      • But they won’t actually enter them until they click on the screen!

    • Other room members (Presenter, Remote Presenters, Assistant and Translators) will remain in the main room

  8. Then the Split Rooms List appears again with:

    • A timer on the top right corner, showing the time left in the Splits

    • A “Go to room” link beside every Split Room name

  9. If clicking on “Go to room”:

    • Another tab opens with a “loading” message

    • Then “Turn camera on” and you will be in the Split Room as any other participant

      • Once you turn the camera on, the classical TurnOn/Off microphone button appears

      • Beware that you enter the Split Room unmuted by default.

    • To exit the Split Room, just close its tab

    • Repeat with any other Split Room

  10. When time is over, the message “Split has ended” will appear on the Split Rooms menu

    • Any Split Room open in other tabs should be closed

    • By clicking the “Stop Split” button before time is up, the presenter can end the split session and automatically send all the Participants back to the main room

      • Note that the “Stop Split” option is not available during the first 5 minutes of the split

NOTE: during Split Rooms, it is not recommended to use the Surface (launching browser) for anything else but entering the groups created

  • Any other action (creating polls, uploading material to the room, etc) is not recommended, as the stability of the Split Rooms depends on the Surface
  • If during the Split Rooms time, the interface is somehow altered (browser accidentally closed or refreshed, reconnection on the tablet due to  bad connectivity, etc), the presenter needs to reenter the Splits menu (“Present”/”Split into rooms”):
    • the view will recover the previous splits menu, timer resuming exactly the count down
    • the participants will not be affected anyhow: they will be called back to the main room when time is over
  • Note that if the Presenter does not re-enter the splits menu after the refresh (or if countdown finishes during the reconnection), the Splits menu will not be recovered on time:
    • Participants will be left hanging in the Split Rooms, not coming back automatically to the Main Room when time is over (see related article)

There is a feature improvement planned to avoid the dependency on the room_admin sitemap

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