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Operate the Room entirely in Virtual Mode

The platform allows sessions to be created and carried on without the need to launch the physical Room.

Therefore, providing license count allows it, parallel sessions in multiple virtual Rooms can be carried on simultaneously without the need of launching the physical Room (no Room Code necessary).

How does each member enter and exit the virtual room for a session?


Participants will continue with the same access experience when joining a session: go to the virtual room link and enter their credentials.

The only change in the participant’s interface is that Room Streaming video stream will not be displayed, as the physical Room is not launched.

They will exit the room, as usual, clicking on the Log Out button (top right corner).

Assistant / Translator/s

These users will enter and exit room exactly the same way as with physical room launched.

The only change in their interface is, as for a regular participant: Room Streaming video stream will not be displayed.

Remote Presenter/s

Presenters can access the platform remotely, utilising the Remote Presenter link and their own credentials.

In this mode, the entire mashme.io feature suite is not yet available, however Remote Presenters are able to:

  • Upload, create and share materials (hidden or visible modes)
  • Create, launch, close and clone polls
  • Share the screen without the need to install any extensions
  • Interact with all the participants through the Room chat
  • Open a private chat with one of the Participants
  • See Raised Hands (in Presence Map)
  • Block a participant's cam/mic; mute all participants at once
  • Give participants screensharing permissions


The creation of the virtual room and sessions within it will be identical to the way they are created with physical room launched (create room, create session, select scheduled recording, add Translation/Assistant, choose notify members, send reminder, delete session, etc).

The Presenter link to the room (available in Room details in Accounts Portal / Session Management with admin credentials) can be used during the session to cover the features the Remote Presenter does not still have:

  • split room into groups
  • program a manual recording or stop a scheduled one

Note that

  • mashme.io is working on improving access to more features in Remote Presenter mode
  • The Raised Hand feature is currently operational in this mode
  • There is a Grid View available for Virtual Mode, which replaces the Room Streaming box and displays the videos of the users connected with cameras on
    • It needs to be activated per organization

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