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Online People Panel (Presenter): people connected & moderation tools

To see people connected to a current session, go to the Main Menu in the launching device and click "Online People"

The Online People Panel is displayed, in which the Presenter can see the information about room members:

  • All the members of the room (whether connected or not to the session) appear on this screen
    • Connected participants will appear with a coloured circle around their avatar
    • Participants with Raised Hand show shadowed and with a hand icon
  • Note that, if the organisation has enabled any optional features (such as Remote Presenter, Translation or Assistant), the information will also be shown in this panel

There are three buttons available in this Presence View (top right corner, from left to right):

  • Disable screen sharing for all Participants
  • Lower all raised hands
  • Mute or Block all microphones
  • Search By Name: Presenter can search for a Participant using the search box (only available in List view)
  • Change View Type: Presenter can select between List or Grid view
    • List View: a list with the members of the room is shown, with moderation tools beside each name
      • Connected members appear on top of the list, not connected at the bottom
    • Grid View(default): it shows the Participants as in the wall Layout
      • Clicking on each avatar, the name of the Participant and moderation tools are displayed
  • Close Room Presence and return to Main Menu (arrow button on top right corner)

The moderation tools available, depending on the participant's role, are (from left to right):
  • Participant is a Student
    • Enable/Disable screen sharing for that Student
    • Lower Hand (icon only appears if the student's hand is raised)
    • Block/Unblock the participant's camera
    • Block/Unblock the participant's microphone
  • Participant is a Remote Presenter
    • Activate intervention time for that Remote Presenter
    • Block/Unblock the participant's camera
    • Block/Unblock the participant's microphone

Note that multiple roles have these moderation tools: Admin, RemotePresenter/s and Assistant

  • Assistant and Translator/s cannot be muted or their cameras blocked

For every action they make, the Participant receives the corresponding message at the top of the screen

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