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How to launch the room

  1. In the launching device, open an incognito Chrome window and enter the Class launcher URL in the address bar
    • The launcher address is different for each organization, and has a format similar to: 
    • Take into account that the development of the whole session will depend on the launching device: it should have a reliable, stable Internet connection and enough power (kill unnecessary programs running on background) 
    • It is strongly recommended not to use any other launching device but the ones provided with the installation of the room (Surface Pro, Surface Studio, etc)
  2. Enter in the box the 8-digit Room Code corresponding to the virtual room you want to launch
    • The code is sent by email to the Presenter when creating the session
    • It can also be found in room details in the Accounts Portal / Session Management (admin credentials)
    • Beware that capital letters in the code don't work and room won't launch, showing the message:
      • "The entered room code is invalid"
  3. Click "Start"
  4. The Main Menu page will show after a short "Loading" message in the launching device
  5. The virtual room will turn on: the wall will light up with all the faces and widgets and the participants will have the classroom streaming box (if it is available for that room)
  6. To correctly close the room after a session, please read How to close the room

Note that every launched room must be correctly closed when session is over, to prevent malfunction in future launches.

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