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Edit a room

The possibility of editing  a room is only available to Session Manager users that can access the rooms through the Accounts Portal.

While editing the room, the room code and the room URL will remain the same as long as the room is not completely deleted using the DELETE ROOM button.

Very important: Session Manager users can only edit rooms for which they have ownership (rooms were created by them or assigned to their user as owner).

The following steps are to be followed to edit a room:

1. Login to the Accounts Portal at https://accounts.mashme.io using your Session Manager user credentials

2. Navigate to the Session Management to load the list with the available rooms

3. Click on the desired room from the list and, once the room is selected, click on the Edit Room button corresponding to the selected room

4. Once the room configuration is loaded, the Session Managers will have the possibility of editing different parts of the room like Room Name, Room Avatar, Room Layout and Participants of the edited room

5. To save the edited configuration of the room, the Session Managers will need to scroll down to the bottom of the room configuration page and click the SAVE button

Note that if the Room Layout is changed, all Participants that are currently added to the room will be removed.

It is recommended to first "export" the list of members in room.

Then, the Session Manager will need to re-add the Participants from the beginning either one by one using the grid configuration zone or all at once from the "multiple input" option (using the previously exported list).

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