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Chats: general vs private

In the Main Menu, the option "Room Chats" opens the chats available:

  • Class chat:it is the general chat, which opens when clicking on "Room chats"
    • It is the one displayed in the physical room and in the participant view
    • All the participants of the session can read it and write in it

  • Participant chat:it is a private, direct chat between a particular participant and the Presenter
    • If there are Remote Presenters added to the room, they are also a part of it
    • Only that participant and the presenter/s can read it and write in it

    • It opens when:
      1. the Participant sends a private message to the Presenter/s or
      2. the Presenter/s send a private message to the Participant, either by clicking on their name in a message in the class chat or searching for them in the search bar

When there are new incoming messages in any of the chats (class or participant), a little ball appears on its respective top right corner, to let the Presenter know he has unread pending messages

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