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Chats: general vs private

In the Main Menu, the option "Room Chats" opens the chats available:

  1. Class chat:it is the general chat, which opens when clicking on "Room chats"
    • It is the one displayed in the physical room and in the participant view
    • All the participants of the session can read it and write in it
  2. Participant chat:it is a private, direct chat between a particular participant and the Presenter
    1. If there are Remote Presenters added to the room, they are also a part of it
    2. Only that participant and the presenter/s can read it and write in it
    3. It opens when:
      1. the Participant sends a private message to the Presenter/s or
      2. the Presenter/s send a private message to the Participant, either by clicking on their name in a message in the class chat or searching for them in the search bar

New message notification

When there are new incoming messages in any of the chats (class or participant), a little ball appears on its respective top right corner, to let the Presenter know he has unread pending messages:

When a new message is received but the presenter is in any page different to the chat itself (presenting content, launching polls, splitting into rooms or so on), an icon will show on the top right corner of the screen:

When the message received belongs to a private chat instead of the Room chat, the avatar/s of the participant/s will show beside the icon:


There is a limitation to the number of characters that can be sent in a single message in the chat, applicable to any participant.

  • When the message contains over 250 characters, a countdown appears right above the text box.
  • When characters have reached the 300 limit, no more letters/symbols can be introduced in the box.

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