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Working with Polls

What is the Poll tool?

The Poll tool allows the Presenter to conduct polls during a session.

They can be created previously (save and launch afterwards) or live during the session.

How to create a Poll?

  1. Enter the room in one of these two ways:
    1. Launch the room with its corresponding code
    2. Login with admin credentials and open the Presenter link of the room
  2. Go to "Present" 
  3. Click on "Create"
  4. Select "mashme Poll" option
  5. The poll opens both in the room and in the participant view:
  6. Fill in all the fields: question and possible response options
    • By default, the platform shows two possible answers to a poll
    • More response possibilities can be added by clicking on the   +   button (as many as needed
    • Note that only one answer from the existing can be chosen by the participant, but they can change their vote while the poll is launched
    • Multiple choice answer and open answer will be included in a close future
    • Each option has a different colour code
  7. Choose type of poll (blind is the default option)
    1. Open: all participants can see who and what has voted during the launched poll. 
      • It is a public poll.
    2. Blind: during the poll, participants can only see how many people have already voted.
      • When the poll is over, the Presenter can decide wether if to share or not the results with them.
    3. Anonymous: no participant, not even the presenter at the end of the poll, can see who has voted what.
      • It shows percentages only.
  8. Choose timer (no timer is the default option)
    • The timer is used to create a poll with a limited response time.
      • When the count down ends, the poll is automatically closed and no more votes are accepted
      • Presenter can also decide to end the poll before time is up by clicking on "Close Poll"
    • In the option "no timer", the Presenter decides when to end the poll by clicking on "Close Poll"

How to launch a Poll?

Once all the fields are selected (question, answers, type and timer), the following options will be available:

  1. "Save and Close": clicking on the X button (top right corner), saves the poll (not visible) to the room repository, for its later use (edit, clone or start). It can also be selected without filling in all the fields.
  2. "Clone Poll": a copy of it appears automatically in the room
    • Note that a poll can be cloned before it is launched or once it has ended, not in progress state
  3. "Start Poll":gives the participants the opportunity to vote for one of the options provided
    1. Start poll allows people to vote
    2. The poll will end when the time is over (for Poll with timer) or when the Presenter clicks on "Close Poll" (for Poll with or without timer)
    3. Once it is closed, "Show Results" will display the options voted (accordingly to the type of poll)
    4. Clicking on the X button (top right), the content of the room appears, with the recent poll as a file in room, not visible to the participants by default.
      • It can remain hidden or be made visible by the presenter (clicking on the eye icon)

Note that the result of a poll is automatically stored in the repository of that room (hidden by default)

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