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Working with Google Maps

  1. Enter the room in one of these two ways:
    1. Launch the room with its corresponding code
    2. Login with admin credentials and open the Presenter link of the room
  2. Go to "Present"
  3. Click on "Create"

  4. Choose "Google Apps"

  5. Choose "Maps" symbol
  6. The Maps collaborative App opens both in the room and in the student view.

  7. Actions available are similar to the ones in Google/Maps: move across the map, zoom in&out, search address, geolocate, show map or satellite view, etc
  8. Clicking on the padlock (open) , allows the collaboration to all the students. Clicking it again (closed) stops it
  9. To exit the Map App, click on the arrow button "save and close".
  10. The file will be automatically uploaded to the room, as any other resource, hidden by default
  11. A title can be put to that map, either before closing it (in the "Map title" field) or editing the file once it is in the room

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