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How can I see people connected to the session

While connected to a mashme room, every participant has the ability to see a panel of the participants of the room.

While accessing this panel, the user can see the avatars of the rest of the participants and what participants are connected at that moment in the room.

To access the panel:

1. Click on the left top corner of your Participant view where the number of online participants is showed

2. Once the panel is showed, you can see it either in a list view or thumbnails view toggling on the view option of the panel on the right top corner

3. You can also search a participant by name to see information of this particular participants (if the participant is available in the room)

The online participants will be showed in the panel having their avatar circle light up.

Once a connected participant is activating his camera and using his microphone, the rest of the connected participants in the room will also be able to see this participant in the Current Speaker video stream. 

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