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Google Suite Files

What is the Google Apps tool?

The Google Apps tool lets you collaboratively create, share and edit Google Suite files.

Google Suite files currently supported by mashme.io are:

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Slides

Google Drawings

Google Maps

How do I create a new Google Suite File?

To create a new Google file associated with a room, enter it as Admin or Remote Presenter.

Once inside, click the Create button (upper left corner), select Google Apps and choose the type of file you want to create:

Docs for a new text document

Sheets for a new spreadsheet

Slides for a new presentation

Drawings for a new drawing or outline

Maps for a new map

Where is the new Google Suite File stored?

The new Google file created is linked to the Room Admin's Google Drive Account and will be available in the repository in the room, just like any other type of file.
They upload visible by default, and can be hidden as any other file.

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