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Splits (Presenter) - the Surface interface is somehow altered during Split Rooms

During Split Rooms, it is not recommended to use the Surface (launching browser) for anything else but entering the groups created. Any other action (creating polls, uploading material to the room, etc) is not recommended, as the stability of the Split Rooms depends on the Surface.

If during the Split Rooms, the launcher interface is somehow altered (browser accidentally closed or refreshed, reconnection on the tablet due to  bad connectivity, etc):

  • the presenter will recover the main menu; when navigating to the Splits menu (“Present”/”Split into rooms”), the view will recover the groups and the timer will resume the count down
  • the participants will not be affected anyhow: they will be called back to the main room when time is over

If the Presenter refreshes or reconnects at the time the countdown finishes:

  • the presenter will recover the main menu
  • the participants will be sent back to the room when scheduled split time is over

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