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Splits - How to help participants access them (Presenter)

▪ Presenter: How to help participants re-enter the Split Room or the Main Room?

  • If a participant enters the Main Room when Split Rooms are already going on:

    • He won’t be automatically sent to his corresponding Split Room, even if he belonged to a group (only participants connected to the room at the moment of launching the splits are sent to them)

    • Check in the Split Rooms List in which group he had been added:

      1. enter that group room and copy its URL address

      2. provide him (via private chat) with the link to the room (the URL address)

      3.  if he was not added to any group, chose one:

        • the presenter cannot add someone into already launched Split Rooms

        • but the participant will be able to join any of them if he is provided with its link (even without being an actual member of it)

    • Warn him that, when the split is over, he probably won’t be redirected to the Main Room

      • he will have to go there on his own

  • If a participant leaves the platform unexpectedly during a Split Room:

    • He needs to log back in 

    • And enter the Split Room; there are two possible ways:

      1. In the Hall of Rooms with all the classrooms list, clicking:

        1. On the first room of the list (with the name “BreakOut Room #XX)

          • He will enter the Split Room

        2. On the Main Room name

          • He will be automatically redirected to the Split Room

      2. Pasting the link to the classroom in the URL

        • He will be automatically redirected to the Split Room

  • If a participant is not sent back to the Main Room when Split is over, there are two ways:

    1. He should click the back arrow in the browser

    2. He should paste the link to the classroom in the URL

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