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Splits - How do they work (Participant)

▪ Participant: How to enter and exit the Split Room?

  1. You have to be in the Main Room in order to be sent to a Split Room (with or without camera)

    • If you enter the Main Room once the splits have begun, you will be left hanging in the Main Room until splits finish and everybody comes back.

  2. When the presenter begins the split, the message “Loading room” will automatically appear.

    • This is you being sent to your Split Room

  3. If this is the first time you enter a Split Room, the “Explore Menu” screen will be shown.

  4. The screen with the message “Please turn on your camera if you want to interact with the room” will show

    • If you do not click anywhere (either on the camera icon or the “close” button), you won’t actually enter the Split Room.

  5. Once in the Split Room, you can:

    • Write in the chat, upload or create documents, search in room and the internet, share your screen

    • See and listen to the other participants (as long as their cameras and mics are on)

    • Be seen and heard by other participants (as long as your camera and mic are on)

      • Note that Split Rooms work differently from the Main Room: it is not a PushToTalk system, but the classical TurnOn/Off microphone button

      • Beware that you enter the Split Room unmuted by default.

  6. When the time is over, a “Time's up. Click the ok button to return” message will appear and you will be automatically redirected to the Main Room after clicking on the ok button.

    • If you do not click it, you won’t be redirected back

  7. Once back in the main room, the “Turn on your webcam and push to talk icon if you want to interact with the room” will be displayed

  8. Close the message and you will be back in the Main Room

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