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Splits - How do they work? (Presenter)

Presenter: How to send the participants to the Split Rooms?

  1. Go to   “Menu” (top left)   >   “Split into rooms”
  2. Select type of split; there are 3 types:

    • Random        →    only available when there are participants in the room

    • Custom         →    available anytime. Can be used to save the groups before a session

    • Poll based     →    only available when there is a poll active (at “show results” stage)

  3. Select the number of participants per group. A notification displays depending on the input:

    • “The minimum number of participants is 2. Please re-enter” (if <2 pax per room)

    • “Remember. More than 6 participants in a split room, may result in a lower quality participant experience” (>6 pax)

    • “Sorry, it is not possible to create a split room with more than 15 participants” (>15 pax)

  4. Select the time the split will last

    • Beware that splits can be stopped before scheduled end (after running for 5’) but cannot be extended

  5. Only for Custom split - Make the groups, picking out the participants in each one

    • A list with all the participants will appear, so they can be distributed into the groups

    • Connected and not-connected participants will show in a different colour circle

    • In session with translation, a label with the language will appear beside each participant

    • Every participant needs to be assigned a group (even not-connected ones)

    • Note only Participants are eligible for Splits; other room members such as Presenter, Remote Presenters, Assistant and Translators are not

  6. The Split Rooms List appears, with all the groups and participants within; there are 2 options:

    • “save & close” (to use that configuration later)

      • All saved splits will be stored in the “Saved Splits” panel

    • “split now” (to use it now)

  7. After splitting, the message “Dividing into groups” appears in the tablet for a few seconds

    • This action sends the participants present in the room to their Splits

      • But they won’t actually enter them until they click on the screen!

    • Other room members (Presenter, Remote Presenters, Assistant and Translators) will remain in the main room

  8. Then the Split Rooms List appears again with:

    • A timer on the top right corner, showing the time left in the Splits

    • A “Go to room” link beside every Split Room name

  9. If clicking on “Go to room”:

    • Another tab opens with a “loading” message

    • Then “Turn camera on” and you will be in the Split Room as any other participant

      • Once you turn the camera on, the classical TurnOn/Off microphone button appears

      • Beware that you enter the Split Room unmuted by default.

    • To exit the Split Room, just close its tab

    • Repeat with any other Split Room

  10. When time is over, the message “Split has ended” will appear on the Split Rooms menu

    • Any Split Room open in other tabs should be closed

    • By clicking the “Stop Split” button before time is up, the presenter can end the split session and automatically send all the Participants back to the main room

      • Note that the “Stop Split” option is not available during the first 5 minutes of the split

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